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One day, a young girl named Ib visited an art gallery with her parents.
Soon after observing the exhibits, she suddenly realized she was alone.
And in her search for others, she found that things have gone truly awry,
Stuck in an unfamiliar world of living artwork and no exit strategy in sight...

Art is filled with the most innate thoughts of the artists who made them, and attempts to immerse the viewer in another world, or make them think deeper thoughts about their own. At least that's how we interpret it.

But when you turn out the lights and feel the full force of the uncanny valley, a museum can get to be a pretty terrifying world. Such is the setting of Ib, this adventure puzzle horror game.

The story of Ib is told with simple design and no-frills graphics, but its unsettling environment, clever puzzles, and advanced characterization makes Ib a work of art in itself, appreciated around the world and growing in popularity month after month.

The game was created by kouri in early 2012, using RPG Maker 2000 and Ib was translated into English by vgperson.

NOTICE: The use of official images outside of approved sources is explicitly prohibited with the threat of force by the game's author. Violation of this policy will result in severe retaliation that may make this wiki unrecoverable. Users are strongly encouraged to make frequent backups of this wiki in case of DMCA takedowns.
"kouri has requested that people not modify, misappropriate, or redistribute any images or music from his game." "Cease and Desist letter will be sent to those who do not adhere to kouri's guidelines and the work itself will be challenged and removed." -



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  • discussion page Talk:Fan Theories
    new comment by Zakuro69
    Comment: lol k i´ll throw in my own shitty theory :D i think that Ib´s father might acctually be Guartena and her mom is the lover who he used as his...
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    Comment: Welcome to my world that's painted with sadness, There's no light of sun, there you can'​t hear any sound at all. Here I'm waiting silently for you,...
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    Comment: I don't think they love each other. Garry is an adult so I think it's obvious that he would worry about Ib and sacrifice himself to save her. + If...
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  • discussion page Talk:Mary
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    Comment: Technically, she is a painting and had developed emotions and has a physical appearance of a child, thus she acts as one. Also, her sudden violence...
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    Comment: Personally, I find more interest in his personality than his appearance. His appearance just sort of adds to him being 'mysterious' and 'slightly...
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    Comment: New theory: Garry's a pedo and Ib is into older guys.
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